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Sustainable Development in the Construction Industry

The construction industry is crucial to the economic and social development of any country. It is an indication of progression and upliftment of the society because it fulfills three primary aims – infrastructure, shelter, and employment. However, it is also true that like any other industry, construction also causes stress on economical , social a...
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Commercial Real Estate: Lease vs Buy

This is a dilemma that troubles every person who is scouting for a property in commercial real estate industry . Of course, cost of the property is an important parameter for consideration, but you should also weigh other pros and cons of buying vs leasing a property. Let's take you through their advantages and disadvantages to help you make the ri...
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Industreet is a pioneer in providing build-to-suit industrial & commercial facilities to MNC clients from all across the globe. Industreet is a Professional Consulting, Contracting, Leasing and Construction Firm.

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604, JK Chambers,
Sector 17, Vashi,
Navi Mumbai - 400703

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